Writers For Life

Writers for Life are dedicated, serious writers who believe passionately that every single living person is entitled to the protections and promises of our Declaration of Independence, and our Constitution. Millions of pre-born babies—all American Citizens—growing in their mother’s womb are being deprived of their Constitutional Right to Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness! Every zygote, embryo, fetus, or baby, growing in utero—is a separate person individuated by a full complement of DNA. He or she is fully human, equal in value and dignity to every person already born, at any stage of life, be it baby, child, teen, adult, or senior citizen!

In the early years the big pregnancy lie, invented by abortion activists, was to call the new human life in the womb a blob of tissue, so we wouldn’t feel so guilty for having killed an innocent living person in his or her earliest stage of life. The lie worked temporarily until the sciences finally confirmed the full humanity of every new life in utero. Our historical ignorance of the mystery of new life in the womb is now fully revealed; we now know with certainty that the tiniest form of the new person growing in the womb—the zygote—is not a minute shapeless blob of tissue; he or she is a living human person in the form of a single-cell zygote created by two gametes—a female ovum fertilized by a male sperm, each having 23 chromosomes—who at the moment of fertilization, becomes a new, individuated, living human person.

Writers for Life believe that as responsible citizens of our great country and as members of our human family, it is our moral duty to defend Christ’s Little Ones growing in the womb. We do it peacefully using the power of the pen to spread the truth. Our goal is to identify the forces of evil that have brought our nation down to the inhumanity of killing our own children, and exposing the incoherent thinking that has deformed our moral code, and disrupted the Common Good of our communities. Since the Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton decisions of 1973 handed down by an incoherent U. S. Supreme Court, we have no alternative but to identify ourselves as a nation of barbarians! Our Supreme Court legalized the right of one human person to choose death for another living person! How incredible! And we continue to murder our own citizens daily; this inhumane massacre—social suicide—is by far the most horrendous corruption of justice ever forced on humankind! It’s a direct insult to our Forefathers who jeopardized their lives to create our great American Dream!

The U. S. Supreme Court did not learn from our shameful past as slavers, where humans were treated as property; by making pre-born babies a mother’s property the U. S. Supreme Court denied them the integrity of their personhood, their humanity, and their right to be born into our human family as American citizens.

We write letters. Since 1978, I’ve written over a thousand letters trying to influence the use of critical thinking regarding the rights of pre-born life. I’ve had hundreds of my letters printed, and many others have received favorable responses from both sides of the pro-life debate. If one writer can get such good results, think of what a group of competent writers could accomplish in defending pre-born life. Writers are free to join Writers for Life, and if they choose, they may use any of the materials posted on my website that may be helpful for ideas or guidelines.

Writers for Life work pro bono; we do not accept donations. However, if a benefactor wants to help our cause, he or she could loan us an office associate, for a temporary period of time, who is skilled at organization, research, copy editing, etc. we’d be grateful, and obviously we could be far more productive.

The Writers for Life mission is to influence as many people as possible. As time passed, I found myself motivated to write primarily to persons of influence. The influential are those organizations, groups, or individuals who reach a wide audience in their particular area of activity. I’m referring to newspapers (secular and religious), magazines, radio, TV, internet, blogs, pro-life leaders, politicians (particularly high-profile, pro-choice, so-called Catholics), religious and secular institutions, political and social pundits, bishops, priests, etc. We also write to the pro-life groups when we disagree with them on a specific strategy or tactic that we see as detrimental to the pro-life cause!

My Collection of Letters are all preceded by the date written, in bold print, so that readers will consider them in the light of the day and year they were written. Each letter reflects what it was intended to accomplish, however, some are responses; they will be explained or edited for clarity.

Click here for samples of Writers for Life letters.

My Pro-Life letters, written over the years, are still being compiled; hundreds more will be posted in the near future.