Religious View

Religious View has been added for viewers who believe in God and want to see a religious perspective included in the abortion debate. We had excluded religion in the past to prevent abortion advocates from diverting or discounting religious arguments by their endless mantra, “don’t impose your religion on us” or “you’re against abortion because of your religion.” So, we restricted our dialogue to that of an agnostic (which we are not), our position is that anyone who truly believes in God must logically accept the religious principle that God is the author of all life, and anyone who believes that could not possibly rationalize to usurping God’s power. The only exception for taking a life is in defense of one’s own life from a direct life-threatening attack. In contrast, abortion is the premeditated choice to kill an innocent preborn life. Those of us who believe in God maintain that the choice of abortion defies the Law of God and has robbed our nation of its goodness; to regain God’s Blessings all human life must be respected as sacred.

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