Our essays will be personal views on the causes and effects of legal abortion. Examples: what is abortion; is abortion accurately defined; is it based on sound reasoning; who is involved; is it civilized; is it moral; is it a social benefit; is it barbaric like slavery; is it murder, if so, who are the guilty; is it social suicide; is there a middle ground; are the secular media pro-abortion; are they politically correct; are the religious media pro-life; are they religiously correct; are the political polls accurate; how does abortion affect our economy; what are the responsibilities of church leaders; are they united on abortion; who is winning the pro-choice/pro-life conflict; is the debate open and honest; does language cloud the issue; how do we define pro-choice; what is the duty of citizens on this divisive issue; will the human devastation of abortion scar the social conscience of our children as deeply as slavery has shamed our present and past generations.

Commentary is the expression of our opinion, or that of guest writers, on social issues that may, or may not, be connected to our primary goal which is to prove that every new life in the womb is an American citizen with the same rights as a born person and it’s our duty to protect them. The political and cultural issues debated today are a critical influence on the moral order of the common good. Our hope is that by interpreting, illustrating, or criticizing the constant stream of information pouring out of our media, often censored or distorted by political correctness, will help some of us realize that another point of view may be more validly reasoned to what is true.

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