Pro-Life Digest’s motto Truth, Justice and Goodwill represents our sincere challenge for finding truth! Finding truth requires persistent study, exploration, and soul-searching; when truth is confirmed by science, common sense, and experience, we will hold it and follow it tenaciously to wherever it leads.

We know that a pre-born baby is a person who has the same rights as a born person and we believe it’s our duty to protect the new human life, male or female, growing in utero despite his or her small size or place of residence! We are open for suggestions that will help get this fundamental truth, that he or she is a person with the same rights as those of us already born. The purpose of my book, “Killing American Citizens” is to defend their right to Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.

We would appreciate suggestions and/or criticisms that will help make our case stronger and more socially accepted; it would save many innocent lives. The more people who know the real horror of abortion on demand—the social suicide of America—the sooner the slaughter of our own children will come to a halt! And the American Dream will again thrive!