08-25-2015 Letter to Los Angeles Times on how Journalism Betrays Freedom of the Press

SUBJECT: Use of fetal tissue is truly being ‘pro-life’ (8/23/2015)

Dear Editor:

How an editor could publish a diatribe of hate against pro-life Americans, who have no objective other than to save the lives of American citizens growing in the womb, is beyond reason!

This article not only insults the intelligence of your readers, it’s an attack on the Common Good of our society! There are so many flagrant violations of the truth in the writer’s pro-abortion tirade; it’s not worth my time to expose its illiteracy!

What is most shocking is that an intelligent editor would allow it to see print! It certainly helps grow dependency on the internet and it also proves the claim by most informed citizens that the human devastation of abortion in our country lives on the cowardice of journalists to print the truth!

Politically Correct reporting is censorship! The media just doesn’t get it! Reporters have abandoned their responsibility to honor the integrity of one of our most cherished freedoms—Freedom of the Press! This great freedom demands that professional journalism report the truth honestly, openly and objectively!

Legal scholars have exposed the 1973 Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton Supreme Court decisions that legalized abortion to be nothing less than judicial activism! Judge Robert H. Bork wrote in the forward to Professor Janet E. Smith’s book, The Right to Privacy, that “The right of privacy” is one of the series of phrases employed by the Supreme Court to justify the creation of rights not found in the Constitution by any traditional method of interpreting a legal document.”

Sadly, the press even dares to ignore the indisputable evidence of the 4-D ultrasound that provide a window into the womb where we see, in living color, a fetus in motion; a tiny, baby vigorously alive; he or she is a person instinctively yearning to breathe free, and live the American dream.

The Daily Pilot editor, and the writer he judged fit to print, both need to visit the real world where thousands of hands-on sweat workers meet the abortion crisis head-on in the streets where the action is every single day!

How can anyone be ignorant of the thousands of pro-life help centers that for years have been spreading across our nation where men and women work diligently to save babies from death, and women from trauma? These are the heroes that Ms. Lorenz attacks! They are ones whose personal sacrifice proves they really care for the women who are suffering crisis pregnancies!

And, to our shame, we treat aborted babies as trash, denying them the dignity of a burial! Abortion is a social suicide that has made us a nation of barbarians!

Prayers for our pre-born American citizens,

Charles N. Marrelli
Writers for Life


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