03-03-2010 Letter to Los Angeles Times on the Abortion Conspiracy

Dear Editor:

The Times is to be congratulated for dropping its politically correct practice of virtually ignoring the most critical life or death issue that divides our nation, abortion-on-demand. Your Tuesday, March 2, 2010 front page article “Anti-abortion ads claim conspiracy against blacks” was informative, and does what professional journalists should do, i.e. keep us informed on all sides of the major issues. But, unfortunately, this article could have been far more informative had it included the most important entity involved, the vulnerable pre-born life.

The basic strategy of pro-choice advocates is to avoid discussing the core question of whom or what is growing in the womb. If a female zygote, embryo, fetus, or baby is growing in the womb, does she, or does she not, have the same rights as a born baby girl?

Politically Correct censorship is a tactic for keeping the debate away from the embryo and steadfastly centered on a woman’s rights, her privacy, her reproductive health, and her right to choose. The claim that a woman doesn’t have control over her body without the choice of abortion is to denigrate women, free will, and the control of their behavior at the expense of a new life equal in value to their own.

The sciences have advanced our knowledge of pre-born life. An honest debate forces us to include the most central human entity involved, the new pre-born life in the womb. Historically, the miracle of the womb was hidden from sight, so abortion advocates could claim that the tiniest form of a person growing in the womb was a shapeless lump of tissue, and only part of the mother’s body.

This pretense was calculated to sidestep logic and science; the life in utero is a human single-cell zygote formed by two gametes-a female ovum fertilized by a male sperm, each having 23 chromosomes-that, at the moment of fertilization, become a new, individuated (DNA) living human person.

The most recent fetal ultrasound now reveals the miracle of the womb right before our eyes; we can see, on a TV screen in color, the sound waves create a picture of a baby girl, the nourishing placenta, and the amniotic fluid that surrounds her, and she is seen to yawn, cry, blink, and move—it proves what we have always known to be true by common sense!

Life in the womb is now clearly visible to the world of science, legal scholars, politicians, and to parents; yet, for the most part, the media continues to deny reality.

An innocent pre-born female fetus is, by her human nature, a member of our human family, and an American citizen with the right-to-birth, and to the promises of our Declaration of Independence. The moment her life began in the womb, she had her own essence, character, and dignity, she is equal in value to every other living person, in any other stage of life, be it infancy, childhood, youth, adult, or senior; it’s our duty to defend her civil rights.


Charles N. Marrelli
Writers for Life


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