04-16-2012 Letter to Orange County Register on the War on Women

Dear Editor:

Mark Steyn tauntingly suggests [Commentary, April 15, “Buying in to ‘Buffet Rule’ makes you a fool,”] that if the American people choose their chief executive on the basis of the “war on women” they will have to live with the consequences. In my opinion, the consequences of that debate would be a major victory for Republicans.

The strategy of probing deeply into any war against women would uncover the actual facts, and effects, of that war. Republicans need only to ask the right questions; the consequences would be exposed as so devastating, so extensive, and so indefensible, it would shock millions of men and women out of their “pro-choice” hypnosis and into the real world of more fatalities than any war in the history of American.

The questions? Which party supports the killing of preborn women in the womb? Which party fights to defend the rights of our pre-born American citizens (male and female) in the womb? Which Party has the pro-life platform? Which party has the pro-choice (right to kill) platform?

There is no proof that pre-born women do not have the same rights as the women already born. There is proof that abortion is the greatest deceit of the century; it has good people doing evil.

It’s a no contest debate when you put pro-choice liberals on the defensive where they belong. And you can keep them on the defensive because to be pro-choice is inhumane, and indefensible. Their position defies common sense, and severely degrades the Common Good.

Abortion is a social suicide that sacrifices our citizenry, and our heritage. We suffered slavery, now we’ve degraded ourselves far more drastically by choosing to kill our own children.

Charles N. Marrelli
Writers for Life


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