04-03-2016 Letter to New Owners of the Orange County Register

Dear Mr. Ron Hasse:

We welcome you, and wish you the best of success. As a long time subscriber who has been on the verge of scrapping the Register several times during the past few months, I thought you might be interested in one subscriber’s assessment.

You mentioned the Register’s incredible talent; that’s true, partially, full-fledged talent—intelligent marketing, and professional journalism—thrives in spite of today’s fast changing media market. We were made promises, not delivered.

What we expect is the reporting of news that is all-inclusive! That means that there should be no Politically Correct Censorship, no issue specified as off-limits, particularly, the critically important cultural issues in serious foment as our national election inevitably approaches. We pay for, and expect, openly honest, unbiased news that is delivered professionally, and is guided only by objective truth!

We’ve suffered the insult of Politically Correct censorship for years; it insults readers by assuming we are ignorant of the issues, and the fact that cultural issues are the substructure that sustains the Common Good of all Americans.

Subscribers have been forced to the internet for more truth! For example, the most critical and the most damaging cultural issue of the century is the legal killing of pre-born babies in the womb! This hideous reality of slaughtering our own children has been virtually hidden from the general public by the blatant cooperation of a pro-choice mainstream media; they have cooperated with abortion industry, and the U. S. Supreme Court, all of which, have allowed and perpetuated the injustice of killing our own children! And it has endured for 43 years, and counting, at the cost of 56 million dead, and millions more damaged, irreparably! 

Abortion has made us a nation of barbarians! Slavery was shameful; the slaughter of our own children is madness. It is a social suicide that some of us see as our second Civil War; Americans are killing Americans!

The media, including our local newspapers, would probably quake at the thought of hiring a pro-life writer as a staff columnist. That’s one more proof that most of today’s press has virtually abandoned the art and craft of professional journalism.

Professional Journalists honor the greatness of our Freedom of Press; they bravely report the news, honestly, and objectively, with a deep respect for truth, which in turn reflects a deep respect for their readers.

The facts of science, experience, tradition, and common sense, prove the full humanity (and personhood) of every preborn human life! So, where is the press?

Prayers for our pre-born American citizens,

Charles N. Marrelli
Writers for Life
“Freedom is in danger of degenerating into mere arbitrariness unless it is lived in terms of Responsibleness. That’s why I recommend that the Statue of Liberty on the East Coast be supplemented by a Statue of Responsibility on the West Coast.”
Man’s Search for Meaning–Victor E. Frankl

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