07-06-2004 Letter to Orange County Register on the Corruption of the Declaration of Independence

Dear Editor:

Thank you for your editorial Celebrating independence (7/4/04). But how does one celebrate independence in mind and spirit when we’ve corrupted the Declaration of Independence by choosing to exclude the unborn from the right to life we all enjoy. That fact demonstrates that you are not correct when you state that the Founders set up remarkably sturdy institutions designed to protect liberty.

The institutions were not sturdy, and we were not vigilant. We failed to protect the liberty of the most innocent among us. Many Americans cannot enjoy the celebration of our independence while we practice a barbarism of our own. I challenge anyone to answer this vital question. What is the intrinsic difference between a terrorist group who beheads and innocent person in the name of Allah, and the crushing of the head of a partially born baby in the name of reproductive health? Both acts are inhumane. Our shameful practice of abortion, like slavery, will burn deep into our social conscience, and will reverberate down through generations of our children.

As I listened to the articulate Independence Day speeches, I felt an empty sadness. Great sacrifices have been made to preserve freedom and justice, yet we close our minds and hearts in denial of the abortion evil our nation has embraced. What a terrible irony to realize that our soldiers give their lives for us while we take the innocent lives of our own children.

Growing numbers of pro-life Americans are constantly trying to change hearts and minds so that one day the killing that we choose will stop, then when we sing, God Bless America, it will be with a clear conscious and with the Declaration intact as the Founders had intended.

And one day, to give recognition to the heritage our nation has lost, we may want to build a monument to the unknown children who were denied what we all enjoy—Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness!


Charles N. Marrelli
Writers for Life


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