11-04-2009 Letter to The Wanderer Press on America’s use of the Atomic Bomb

Dear Editor:

Mr. Kendal’s “Doing Evil for The Sake of Good Is Always Forbidden” essentially argues that all wars are evil, meaning that there’s no such thing as a just war, which is ridiculous.

World War II was a prolonged bloodbath in which our wearied military leaders experienced the heavy loss of American lives, and they learned how costly victory would be fighting an enemy driven by fanaticism. The memory of Pearl Harbor was burned into their hearts and minds crying out for justice. They were determined to achieve victory at the lowest cost of American lives!

They did not have the retrospective advantage of a cool and superior view of an historical event. Monday morning quarterbacks always hold the high ground on deciding the morality of our historical decisions.

During those years, I was a crew member of a new B-24M Bomber, poised on Okinawa to bomb Japan. I believe President Truman’s decision to bomb Hiroshima and Nagasaki saved my life, and thousands of other bomber crews. The information available at that time indicated that millions more would probably be saved on both sides, particularly the Japanese, who were willing to die with no thought of surrender.

I thank God I was spared to be here to challenge an article which serves no useful purpose. If it purports to teach us that the ends do not justify the means, it has failed. What was written in this article is derogatory to our military heroes who sacrificed their lives for future generations. They did not deliberately murder civilians.

Mr. Kendall’s last two paragraphs are an example of ignoratio elenchi—fallacy in logic of supposing a point proved by an argument not at issue. He “wonders how much the moral and spiritual disorder present in our post-World War II era, including the slaughter of millions upon millions of unborn babies in abortuaries, is tied spiritually to our decision to deliberately murder civilians in the conventional bombing raid on civilian populations is both Europe and Asia.” Abortion is a deliberate act of murder for which all Americans must share the guilt; our just war was not deliberate murder!

Abortion and World War II are not intrinsically related; they are separate and distinct in their cause and effect!

Prayers for our pre-born citizens,

Charles N. Marrelli
Writers for Life

This article was published in THE WANDERER on November 26, 2009.

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