07-14-2003 Letter to the Los Angeles Times on Death by Doublespeak

Dear Editor:

Pro-Choice Advocates Can’t Relax (7/11/03) by Kate Michelman is a masterpiece of doublespeak. For the sake of clarity on this life or death issue of abortion, why can’t we use the same direct, clear, specific language we’re trying to teach our children? William Lutz, in his book “Double-Speak” tells us that doublespeak is not about subjects and verbs agreeing; it’s about words and facts agreeing! And that basic to doublespeak is the incongruity between what is said, what is left unsaid, and what the facts are; doublespeak misleads, distorts, deceives, circumvents, inflates, and obfuscates.

Ms. Michelman’s dependence on carefully selected words (and images) is clear evidence of a contrived language designed to achieve a semblance of credibility in the defense of the indefensible—the horror of abortion-on-demand.

If a writer is to be convincing, he or she must address the tough core questions consistently posed by their adversaries, and then proceed to dispose of them with clear, unambiguous facts.

What are the core questions that must be answered? Does an innocent unborn fetus have an inherent moral right to be born once it has been launched into human existence by the behavior of a person or persons outside of itself? And how does a pregnant woman suddenly become God-like with the supreme power and moral right, to decide if a child lives or a fetus dies?

And if her “choice” is fetus (to die), but during the abortion process a baby boy or girl manages to survive (as many have), by what creative power does the essence of this non-person fetus (with no rights) suddenly shift and become the essence of a baby person (with all rights)? And why are we ignoring objective reality?  

These burning questions will never go away; the premises on which we base our conclusions are obviously incoherent, and the evidence consequent to our practice of abortion-on-demand proves that our behavior is clearly irrational. The burden of proof for the moral right to execute an unborn child rests on the abortion advocates. They have no such proof, and never will have!

An unborn child is a human person with the same rights as all Americans. Yet we arrogantly sentence this boy or girl to a capital punishment, as if guilty of a capital crime, beyond a shadow of a doubt, in a court of law. And we do it by the millions. God help us.

Prayers for our unborn American citizens,

Charles N. Marrelli
Writers for Life


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