06-19-2015 Letter on the Devastation of Human Life Caused by the U. S. Supreme Court’s 1973 Decisions that Legalized the Violence of Americans Killing Americans

Dear Bill O’Reilly:

The hypocrisy of your show last night was so shocking; I couldn’t believe what I was hearing! Some of your viewers, i.e., the ones who think critically, probably reacted the way I did. When you got to pontificating with Geraldo I had to turn you off.

So a mentally sick person (bred and shaped in America) walks into a place of worship where innocent people are praying. He goes berserk and commits a horrible crime; he kills innocent people! Suddenly, all of America is again trying to understand how these acts of violence happen, and why do they continue in a nation we still call great!

When I came home from Okinawa in April of 1946 I thought America was the greatest place in the world and I was proud that we had won the war and could now return home to enjoy our freedoms. My greatest regret was that some of my high school buddies who gave their lives could not return to enjoy it with me!

Well, today America is not so great! In the early 1960s our Courts secularized our nation! And then we stupidly kicked the Ten Commandments out of our schools and virtually out of our public square! And now, after every act of violence, we cry out seemingly shocked, and for days we talk up a storm about all the violence but we never seem to look to the root causes of all that violence!

Why isn’t it obvious that on January 22, 1973 the United States Supreme Court legalized the violence of Americans killing Americans! It’s called abortion on demand! To be more realistic we should call it legalized terror!

Why can’t we make the connection? Let me ask you one simple question? What is the intrinsic difference between an irrational person walking into a place of worship and killing innocent human beings, verses Planned Parenthood going into one of God’s most sacred places, the miracle of a mother’s womb, where a new boy or girl is growing toward birth, but then suddenly an abortionist intrudes with killing instruments to legally tear him or her limb from limb! Isn’t that American legalized killing?

Stephen Schwartz, Professor of Philosophy at the University of Rhode Island, wrote in his book, The Moral Question of Abortion: “There are only four features differentiating pre-born persons from born persons: size, level of development, environment, and degree of dependency. And none of these are of any moral significance!”

The consequence of our killing millions pre-born babies is violence at its worst, and it’s a social suicide that is devastating our nation, our economy, and our heritage, and it is telling our young people that it’s okay to kill a human life, even violently!

Prayers for our innocent pre-born American citizens,

Charles N. Marrelli
Writers for Life


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