04-27-2015 Letter on the Danger of Ignoring Facts

Dear Editor:

The subject article appropriately addresses the problem of ignoring facts; but then Mr. Moore proceeds to do just that in his own article, and surprisingly, the Orange County Register’s editors not only allowed it to see print, they featured it in the editorial pages.

Mr. Moore’s opening paragraph, “Think about this: There is no period in the history of mankind that would be a better time to be alive than today.”

Sorry, Mr. Moore but you and the editors of the Orange County Register must have become so calloused and indifferent to human life, and to professional journalism, that you are all willing ignore the fact that more than a million living American citizens growing in the womb—zygotes, embryos, fetuses, or babies—will be killed this year alone!

 Mr. Moore needed only to qualify his statement with the following: “Except for the pre-born lives in utero, of which about 20% will be killed, there is no period in the history of mankind that would be a better time to be alive than today.”

Historically, personhood was difficult to establish because life in the womb was hidden and vulnerable to flawed conjecture, distortion, and outright lies. But today, thanks to ultrasound, fetal surgery, and the like, we see the real drama of nature’s miracle in the womb; every human life in the womb is a living person!

Our treasured Freedom of the Press has been tarnished by the censorship of Political Correctness! The abortion evil lives on the cowardice of journalists who choose not to challenge the hideous reality that Americans are killing Americans.

Prayers for our pre-born American citizens,

Charles N. Marrelli
Writers for Life

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