04-09-2015 Letter to the Los Angeles Times on the War for our Nation’s Soul

Dear Editor:

The Los Angeles Times continues to shock readers by what it prints! If there was an award for the journalism of denial and deceit, you’d win hands down.

The denial is to completely ignore the most divisive issue fomenting in our country today—abortion on demand.

The deceit is your Politically Correct editorial calculated to reshape, and censor, the real facts of abortion on demand, and its devastating slaughter of our human family.

The war for our nation’s soul is the 42 year battle against abortion on demand! It’s our second Civil War; Americans spill the blood of Americans every day!

Professional journalism needs to deal with reality; you deny objective truth! Your statement that today’s “controversies are far less threatening to the national fabric than was slavery” is more denial, and more deceit. Slavery was a shameful part of our history, but the slaughter of our own children is madness!

Abortion is the greatest deprivation of individual freedom in our history! Abortion is a greater weapon of mass destruction than any nuclear device; it destroys more lives than all of our wars! Abortion is social suicide; we kill our own citizenry and their heritage, which has made us a nation of barbarians!

Abortion on demand contradicts our intelligence, knowledge, science, common sense, and our personal experience, and furthermore, it betrays, and dishonors, our Declaration of Independence, and our Constitution. All American citizens, born and pre-born, have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness!

If the Los Angeles Times wants to return to its former greatness, it will have to present both sides of the life or death issue of abortion, honestly and objectively!


Charles N. Marrelli
Writers for Life

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