02-07-15 Letter to Los Angeles Times on an Editorial that Contradicts Intelligence, Knowledge, Science, and Personal Experience

Dear Editor:

Subject: Is Child Protection a Priority? (Feb. 6, 2015 Editorial)

I thought I’d take another shot at subscribing to the L. A. Times. Now after some weeks, I realize that my previous evaluation of the L. A. Times will not change; you still print editorials (concepts, images, and ideas) that contradict our intelligence, knowledge, science, and personal experience.

Your editorial on child protection is a blatant contradiction of reality! It disqualifies protection of a pre-born boy or girl right up to the split-second before he or she is born, in spite of the fact that there is no difference in that baby boy or girl the split-second after he or she is born! The change is territorial only!

Abortion is social suicide; we kill our own citizens and their heritage! It destroys more lives than all the wars in history or any nuclear device! Abortion has made us a nation of barbarians!

When journalists are shocked out of their denial and do their job responsibly, abortion will be exposed for what it is-the murder of an American citizen in the womb! The L. A. Times will then have the deserved reputation of having been a force for the death of millions of Americans, all innocent members of our human family!

Our inhumanity to man must end! It’s the duty of the press to protect the civil/human rights of every living human being, born and pre-born!

That includes the Los Angeles Times!

Love and prayers for our preborn American citizens,

Charles N. Marrelli
Writers for Life

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