08-21-2014 Letter on the Deadliest Blunder ever Conceived by the U. S. Supreme Court

Dear Editor:

Rick Ferguson’s letter, “Don’t Bury ISIS coverage” [Letters, 8/21/14], was right on target in that it helps expose the fact that professional journalism is dying a cowardly death.

The beheading of a human being is no longer a high priority event in today’s media no matter how destructive, or how gruesome, because we’ve become so hardened, and in denial, by our own barbaric practice of abortion on demand!

In America a mother can have the new life in her womb—zygote, embryo, fetus, or baby—killed! And she can do it for any reason, and at any time!

My question for the media is; considering the event itself, what intrinsic difference is there in the atrocity of beheading a human being verses a woman choosing to have the new life in her womb dismembered?

Both are cruel, premeditated butchery—both are examples of man’s inhumanity to man. When we see or imagine the grotesque butchery of a beheading, we cringe with revulsion and shocking disbelief. Yet, when we see or envision the gruesome slaughter of a late term abortion, we DO NOT cringe with the same revulsion and shocking disbelief! Why?

It’s because we are ignorant, or in denial; both of which are the consequence of the media’s failure to inform and expose the repulsive evil of abortion on demand!

For 41 years, and counting, we continue to classify the killing of a human life in the womb as just one of the social issues! This is irresponsible journalism at its worst! The Right to Life of an American citizen growing in the womb is clearly a civil rights issue, and his or her human family membership also makes it a human rights issue!

It’s hard to believe that our Supreme Court has not been burning on a hot seat for not retracting the deadliest blunder ever conceived; they sent millions of our infants to a violent death yet in spite of their barbaric decree we citizens have not demanded that the slaughter be stopped! Clarke D. Forsythe’s new book “ABUSE OF DISCRETION: THE INSIDE STORY OF ROE V. WADE (and Doe v. Bolton)” shows how the Supreme Court Justices failed in their judicial responsibility; they concocted a right of privacy that legalized murder! 

Historically, personhood was difficult to establish because the womb-phase of life was hidden and vulnerable to conjecture, flawed imagery, distortions, and outright lies. But today, thanks to 4-D fetal ultrasound, we can see the drama of nature’s miracle in the womb. The life in utero is a living person! So, why have the media not made the case in defense of preborn life?

For more than four decades the awe-inspiring wonder and greatness of our treasured Freedom of the Press has been tarnished by journalists who have abdicated their responsibility to tackle the most important life or death issue dividing our nation today! The media has relegated their duties to the category of Politically Correct censorship.

 I believe it could be said that the evil of abortion lives on the cowardice of journalists who choose not to challenge the hideous reality of abortion and its devastating effects on our nation.

Look at some of the consequences:

Abortion is a diabolic anti-God force that denies the inviolability of all life!
Abortion is the greatest deprivation of individual freedom in our history!
Abortion discriminates against our own human family!
Abortion is a greater weapon of mass destruction than any nuclear device!
Abortion will destroy more lives than all the wars in history!
Abortion is a social suicide; we kill our own citizenry, and their heritage!
Abortion has made us a nation of barbarians!
Abortion treats dead babies as trash, denying them the dignity of a burial!
Abortion is the real war against women; the injurious effects are numerous!

Prayers for our preborn American citizens,

Charles N. Marrelli
Writers for Life

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