10-08-2014 Letter to the Orange County Register on The County’s Gay History

Dear Editor:

Your front page story “The County’s GAY HISTORY” [October 6, 2014] was a real eye opener! It proves that the Orange County Register is selective as to whose rights it will defend! You said it plainly: “It is important to learn about all these people who struggled and fought for the rights we take for granted.”

So, why isn’t the Orange County Register concerned about the rights of the people in the womb who are being slaughtered every day? Abortion doesn’t just discriminate against rights; it kills an innocent human life; its consequence is to produce a human corpse every single time! And what’s even more gruesome; we treat the human remains as refuse rather than to honor them with a dignified burial!

Abortion has taken more lives than all the wars in history, and is undeniably a greater weapon of mass destruction than any nuclear device! Honest reporting would also reveal its devastating effects on women, and to everyone else involved!

The media continues to classify the killing of a preborn human life as just one of the social issues! Does slavery or gayness fall into this category for the Register? The Right to Life of an American citizen growing in the womb is clearly a civil rights issue and a human rights issue!

Doesn’t it make sense for the Orange County Register to seriously research this gravest transgression against the human family, and for your religious readers, shouldn’t you explore the cause and consequence of so much killing for those who believe abortion is a serious offense against the Law of God?

And why isn’t the Orange County Register especially concerned about what’s happening right here in Orange County? There are about 3500 surgical abortions committed daily in America; Orange County commits about one percent of the total which is estimated at about 35 surgical abortions a day! That’s over one thousand a month right here in our own back yard! At this very moment dozens of women in Orange County are in crisis pregnancies, and reaching out to help them should be our top priority!

For more than four decades the awe-inspiring wonder and greatness of our treasured Freedom of the Press has been tarnished by journalists who have abdicated their responsibility to take on the abortion debate which is clearly the most divisive life or death issue of our time!

If the Orange County Register was consistent, it would be writing THE COUNTY’S ABORTION HISTORY!

Prayers for our preborn American Citizens,

Charles N. Marrelli
Writers for Life

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