09-18-2014 Letter to Orange County Register on Assessing the U. S. Supreme Court

Dear Editor:

Erwin Chemerinsky’s article [Assessing the Supreme Court, 9/17/14] insults our intelligence so severely that one wonders how it ever got published! The gravest, bloodiest, most devastating Supreme Court decision ever handed down by the U. S. Supreme Court was Roe v. Wade, with its companion decision Doe v. Bolton, which together, for the last 41 years and counting, spills the blood of our own children! Our nation is deeply divided; two embittered camps—one pro-choice and the other pro-life—were created by the censorship of Political Correctness (avoiding material that may be offensive) in the mainstream media, and assisted by the Religious Correctness (avoiding material that may be religiously offensive) of our Church leaders, and their media. Where is Mr. Chemerinisky on this assessment?

We inherited slavery and we’ve worked diligently and persistently to rid our nation of the inhumanity of racism; we must continue to be persistent in its eradication. What I find shocking is what most abortion advocates ignore. Abortion was NOT inherited from our predecessors, it was decreed by the U. S. Supreme Court despite that fact that it contradicts the promises of Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness!  

The Supreme Court, by hook and crook, probed deeply into the shadows of our Constitution to shape its obscurities into evidence, and behold, hocus pocus, one individuated person—a mother—has the right to choose to kill another individuated human life growing in her womb; as if it was a sub-human part of her own body; her own property! The Supreme Court said this mother can “choose” to have that male or female zygote, embryo, fetus, or baby, killed at any time, and for any reason!

It’s a natural instinct to love the truth. Today’s media betrays one of our greatest freedoms—Freedom of the Press; they betray themselves! Isn’t Freedom of the Press their bread and butter? Ironically, legal abortion is so anti-American it screams to the heavens as the greatest injustice ever contrived!

The 1973 Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton decisions were blunders! They have divided our nation far more drastically than the Dred Scott decision! In 1857 the U. S. Supreme Court, led by Chief Justice Roger B. Taney, declared that all blacks—slaves as well as free—were not, and could never be citizens of the United States! The Roe/Doe decisions of 1973 also said that the zygote, embryo, fetus, baby—no matter the stage of growth—was not a citizen or even a person until  after he or she is born. How Mr. Chemerinsky could have overlooked this major example of incoherent reasoning is beyond me and all your other critical thinking readers.

It’s hard to believe that our Supreme Court has not been burning on a hot seat for not retracting the deadliest blunder ever conceived; millions of our preborn infants have been sent to a violent death! Despite this barbaric decree we citizens have not demanded that the slaughter be stopped!

Clarke D. Forsythe’s new book “ABUSE OF DISCRETION: THE INSIDE STORY OF ROE V. WADE (and Doe v. Bolton)” shows, after 20 years of research, how the Supreme Court Justices failed in their judicial responsibility; they struggled to concoct the right of privacy that legalized murder! The evil of abortion lives on the cowardice of journalists who choose not to challenge and expose its devastating effects on our nation!

Abortion is a diabolic anti-God force that denies the inviolability of all life! It’s the greatest deprivation of individual freedom in our history! It’s a greater weapon of mass destruction than any nuclear device! It destroys more lives than all the wars in history! It’s a social suicide that kills our own citizens and their heritage! It treats dead babies as trash, denying them the dignity of a burial! And it has made us a nation of barbarians!

Prayers for our preborn American citizens,

Charles N. Marrelli
Writers for Life

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