02-22-2013 Letter to Dr. William A. Donohue President of the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights

Dear Dr. Donohue:

As someone recently wrote, Catholicism Matters, and if it really does then the first priority of business for the USCCB is to re-define the term Catholic! The virtual tolerance of “cafeteria” Catholics as a reference to Catholics in general has seriously damaged the credibility of the Catholic Church for decades. It’s a rebellion that should have been crushed years ago by the Bishops. I have suggested repeatedly that the USCCB, as a united body, clear away the confusion. Shamefully, high profile anti-Catholic “cafeteria Catholics” (pseudo-Catholics, quasi-Catholics, renegade Catholics, fallen away Catholics, anti-Catholics, etc.) who betray our basic beliefs continue unabated to be a major scandal.  

Catholic Church leaders need to make the meaning of “Catholic” crystal clear to everyone; they must also affirm that persons who call themselves Catholic and who do not meet the true definition will no longer be recognized or counted as Catholic.

Unfortunately, when Cardinal Dolan refers to Biden and Ryan as two “Catholics” when only one really is, and when Raymond Arroyo refers to Governor Cuomo as a Catholic, they give cover to high profile politicians who obviously are not Catholic! The confirmation and recognition of anti-Catholic “Catholics” as Catholics is what makes it easy for the voting “Catholics” to elect radically pro-abortion politicians into office. The bottom line is careless leadership!

Moreover, the recognition of pro-choice “Catholics” as real Catholics is the major reason why the pro-choice mindset is so deeply entrenched in the hearts and minds of Americans. And why the Democrat Convention culminated in the bizarre scandal of anti-Catholic “Catholics” standing in line to brazenly announce their support for the right to kill American citizens growing toward birth.

Prayers for our preborn citizens,

Charles N. Marrelli
Writers for Life

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