01-19-2013 Letter to Meet the Press on Catholics

To David Gregory:

Meet the Press this past Sunday was an insult to the Catholics of America. The verbal nonsense you and your roundtable used to distort and misrepresent Catholicism was shameful. As a communicator to the public at large you were shockingly unprofessional in your choice of “Catholics” to speak for the rest of us. To assemble a roundtable with “Catholic” dissenters, when there are so many legitimate Catholics available, was nothing less than a direct attack on the Catholic Church itself.

 Your initial question to Cardinal George asking what Pope Francis should do first to help define his papacy was a great question. I pray and believe that he will influence the bishops of America (USCCB) to act as a body and to publicly, and formally, define the term Catholic so that people like you will not choose so-called “cafeteria” Catholics (pseudo-Catholics, quasi-Catholics, renegade Catholics, fallen away Catholics, anti-Catholics, etc.) as voices of authority on Catholicism; they are voices of dissent!

 The recognition of pro-choice “Catholics” as true Catholics is the major reason why the pro-choice mindset was so deeply entrenched in the hearts and minds of Americans, and why the Democrat Convention culminated in the bizarre scandal of anti-Catholic “Catholics” standing in line to brazenly announce their support for the right to kill preborn American citizens growing toward birth.

 David, let me remind you that at the Blessing of the Media, Pope Francis said, “Your job requires study, sensitivity, and experience. But it bears with it a particular attention to truth, goodness, and beauty. This makes us particularly close because the church exists to communicate truth, goodness and beauty ‘in person.’ It should be clear that we are all called, not to communicate ourselves, but rather, truth, goodness, and beauty.”,

 As for your poll on Catholics who believe the church is out of touch with their people, you should know that the opposite is true; when we Catholics get lost, it’s we who are out of touch with our church. Catholic dogma does not change. Chris Mathews was way out of line when he said any Pope can change the rules for women deacons, etc. He’s a perfect example of an anti-Catholic “Catholic” spouting nonsense.


Charles N. Marrelli
Writers for Life

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