08-07-1995 Letter to Dr. Dean Idell on Abortion

August 7, 1995 

Dean Edell, M.D.
KFI Radio
610 So. Ardmore
Los Angeles, CA 90005 

Dear Doctor Edell:

I’ve listened to you for a long time and have often wanted to drop you a line to thank you for giving us an open-minded view of medicine. I was particularly impressed with your emphasis on the use of logic over emotion when making important decisions.

Today, you disappointed me and broke your own rule of logic when you insulted pro-lifers. Now, please don’t put me in the crank letter category, I implore you to read what I have to say. I have not agreed with you on the abortion issue but I’ve always listened because that’s how we learn. I’ve come to believe that the abortion issue affects you more emotionally than you realize. 

I’ve heard you discuss abortion many times and when you challenge or criticize pro-lifers your voice goes up in pitch and you speak more quickly, as though you wanted to get your comments out and over with. Is this evidence that you are disengaging your logic and going into an emotion mode? Today you said pro-lifers couldn’t have it both ways, then you bashed them with an argumentum ad hominem; you said they (pro-lifers) just want to hear themselves talk. That is an insult, not logic, and is certainly not the way for you to use your talent to help resolve this serious problem.

I’ve heard you, as the man of reason, attack the reality “cover-up” of the terrible effects of cigarettes on a smoker’s lungs. One day you said, if smokers could see what you have seen, i.e. lungs eaten up by tobacco, they would be horrified! Yet you participate in the cover-up of abortion. I have never heard you mention the horror of the abortion mills or condemn D&X abortions. The physical slaughter is a reality pro-abortionists and the media try to hide from the general public. There are a great many proven horror stories told by women who have assisted at abortions until they couldn’t stand it anymore. When pro-lifers try to expose this ugly reality they are quickly attacked and labeled as insensitive. Logic tells me that the label insensitive belongs to those people who conspire in the “cover-up” of the abortion mill atrocities. Their acceptance of the killing of developing human beings is far worse than any smoker’s denial. The smoker participates in his or her self-destruction, the preborn is completely innocent.

You know very well that the right to life is the most fundamental human right, without life you can’t enjoy the other rights we hold so dear. Yet we make believe that this fundamental right is just another issue. It is the central issue that divides our country today. I couldn’t believe my ears the day you said that trying to determine when life begins is like trying to determine how many angels can dance on the head of a pin. As a man of science and reason you know better than to make such a comparison.  Lives depend on a rational answer! 

What do pro-lifers do besides hear themselves talk? Have you ever really tried to find out? Did you know that there are hundreds of pro-life groups across this nation that are working to save lives and help women in crisis pregnancies? John C. Willke, M.D., who was president of the National Right to Life Committee, is now president of the Life Issues Institute, Inc. Doctor Willke’s latest bulletin reported that there are now 3800 pro-life help centers trying to save babies from death and women from trauma! These pro-lifers are winning the battle for hearts and minds of Americans with the truth about abortion, with love and with financial support. They are helping women who are suffering crisis pregnancies. Pro-lifers give of themselves unselfishly, yet they are attacked by pro-abortionists and accused of trying to force their will on others, when every honest person knows that they are following their belief that the preborn is a fully human person who should be protected by the Constitution just as assiduously as other Americans are protected. 

But what do the people of influence, who accept abortion, do? On Thursday, (8/17) you went for the emotionally charged argument; you asked a pro-life caller that if a woman has an abortion, should she be tried for murder? You’ve been hung up on that one for a long time. Pro-abortionists, who have escaped today’s danger in the womb, go for the emotional (and specious) questions that scare people off. They always try to divert people from the relevant question to an emotional posturing about the mother and never about the killing of life she carries. Only last night, Mr. KFI attacked a caller with, “do you think a young girl who is raped and gets pregnant should carry it to term?” That was his, beg-the-question emotional diversionary tactic chosen to silence the caller but he trapped himself into reasoning from the particular to the general and invalidated any possible argument for the million and a half abortions that take place each year, thousands of which are in the second or third trimester. Would you say that his position was a use of reason? Life hits us with terrible situations, should we use them to hide the real question? 

Now to your question, should a woman who has an abortion be tried for murder? If we really face that question honestly the answer is obvious. Random House and Webster’s Tenth say that murder is unlawful killing. Sadly, abortion is lawful. But the secondary definitions say that “to slaughter wantonly is murder”. But you and I know that women have been bombarded with lies about a blob of tissue they carry that is not a person. A woman does not believe she is wantonly slaughtering a baby, let alone her own baby. She has been rendered inculpable by misrepresentations and deception! When Supreme Court justices, doctors, lawyers, radical feminists and other educated (?) men and women tell us that a preborn is not a human person, and that it is moral to have it killed, then it follows that these pregnant women believe that what they are doing is moral. Is it logical then to try them for murder?  The question is ridiculous and irrelevant. They are also in crisis and as a doctor you know that those who abort will suffer trauma to varying degrees. 

You know also who the guilty parties are! They are those so-called leaders who have brought our nation to this unbelievable state of killing our own species; spilling the blood of our own blood. They had to devise a new anti-language to rationalize and try to hide the evil we do. They are today’s slavers, the purveyors of sub-humanity that has been passed on to the preborn as a death warrant. This blatant inhumane practice has bequeathed to us such a low regard for human life that today our children kill their parents, and kill each other, babies are abandoned in trash cans, and our abuse of the born children has become more and more deadly. And during this mayhem pro-lifers are attacked as insensitive. How logical?

Ironically, pro-lifers are winning minds and hearts in spite of the cover-up by pro-abortionists, the media, and their fellow travelers. Unfortunately, the high number of abortions that take place every day makes the pro-lifers’ job harder because each abortion intimidates more family members and friends into accepting the abortion to which their loved ones have succumbed

It has been my personal experience, since 1967, that anyone who really is searching for the truth will inevitably become pro-life. It has happened over and over with persons I have known personally. Obviously, this excludes those who have an agenda to defend. People who are not sure, or who are apprehensive, about abortion have to distance themselves from the search for truth. They depend on the decisions of pro-abortion leaders to help them rationalize their acceptance of so inhumane a practice. They are not aware that legal scholars are beginning to admit that the Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton decisions were a contrived abuse of our Constitution. Those fatal decisions were dumped on us by judicial activists who caved in to the pressure of radical feminists and ultra liberals. 

Test your logic. If you, and other men of science, cannot prove when a preborn becomes fully human then how can you kill it until you are sure! Whatever the development stage of the preborn, logic dictates that we must honor its right to live until we know beyond a shadow of a doubt that “it” is not fully human. And even then, it can be argued logically that preborn human life is fully human because it contains, intrinsically, the potency of full humanity! The preborn is completely individuated! You can’t see or know his or her personality until after it’s born. But until he or she is born, their needs are only for nourishment, as for any born baby. Stephen Schwarz, Professor of Philosophy at the University of Rhode Island, says in his book, “The Moral Question of Abortion,” that only four features differentiate the preborn person from the born person; its size, its level of development, its environment, and the degree of its dependency. And, he says, none of these are of any moral significance!

The inhumane destruction of this most defenseless human life is a contradiction! Look at two doctors at their work; the late term abortionist who attends his gruesome task, while across town another doctor practices his surgical skill on an unborn child. If preborn children are patients during fetal surgery, why aren’t they during an abortion? The ultimate violence, and the ultimate child abuse is abortion itself! Future generations will not forgive our motives any more than we forgive the slavers. 

The interest of the government in late term abortions as established by Roe v. Wade is also a farce. Doe v. Bolton made it possible for a woman to have an abortion, at any time, for any reason. Does anyone care about late term abortions that may be performed without being “relevant to the well-being of the mother?” Who will protect this child from someone who would abuse the law? Are you or the ACLU talking about defending that life? 

Pro-lifers won’t give up. Their cause for a moral society is just as great as our cause was in the Second World War when we fought for our freedom. The fight for the preborn is a more fundamental right than freedom. John Quincy Adams never gave up. Following his presidency he was elected to the House of Representatives where he was called the “Hell-hound of Slavery” because of his persistent and aggressive attacks against it. He was threatened with expulsion to curtail his anti-slavery activities; yet he did not! When he was asked how he managed to maintain his perspective, and why he was not overcome with depression, discouragement or frustration. He answered, “Duty is ours; results are God’s.” Those words express the sentiment of Americans who work and sacrifice to defend life. 


Charles N. Marrelli
Writers for Life

P.S. As the French philosopher Blaise Pascal once said, “I didn’t have time to write a short letter so I wrote a long one.” I’m sorry. But your voice is so important, I felt the need to try to sway you to think in a truly logical way. Your logic on abortion would disturb Plato and Aristotle, as it has me.

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